Terms and Conditons

By submitting my payment I understand and agree that...

  • I am committing to a community class experience with the other families in my class and
    I (or given caregiver) will attend and participate with my child in the class.
  • No refunds will be given after the first class of the session. Credit toward a future session will be given only in extraordinary circumstances, i.e. premature birth, illness requiring hospitalization, etc. This is at the discretion of the director.
  • My tuition payment covers my enrollment in the Music Together® curriculum, the family support materials I will receive, and the weekly classes in the semester. I will not receive a refund for missed classes and classes are not prorated. 
  •  Makeups are to be scheduled by using the makeup scheduler. Makeups do not carry over into subsequent semesters or sessions.
  • I will not record video in class.
  • For safety of all participants -there is no running, wrestling or tumbling (gymnastics type behavior) in our classroom. I will take my child out of the classroom to be reminded and regrouped and brought back into class whenever these behaviors occur. 
  •  No food or beverages of any kind are allowed in the classroom, with the exception of water in a sippy cup or bottles for infants. We are a breastfeeding supportive business and welcome nursing in class.
  • Cell phones are to be stored away for the duration of the class and set to silent.
  • We are a music immersion program and ask that you do not chat during class, either to your child or other adults.

Every Little Soul Music expects children to behave according to their age and developmental level.
We do not expect them to do everything that we do in class or stay in their caregiver's lap.
We believe that they are learning and approaching limits, not adhering to them perfectly.
We ask for your cooperation for reminding and guiding them as they learn.