From Every Little Soul Music Families

Don’t take our word for it—hear what Music Together® families have to say about Every Little Soul's music classes for kids!

There is nothing better than bonding and interacting with your child while watching them grow musically. I see so much joy watching my child and that carries over to her love of music at home.


Music has always been a part of my life - and so I am extremely appreciative of this amazing program and opportunity to share my love of music with my children.


ELSM MT classes are fun and engaging. The children really enjoy the rhythm of the songs, singing, and dancing. Also, the classes are great for vocabulary development


Music Together with Miss Candice was something we looked forward to every week and something that we missed once it was over. Miss Candice is truly gifted and doing what she loves when leading Music Together classes. Aside from her musical abilities, Miss Candice does an amazing job of managing the group comprised of all different ages, communicating effectively to both parents and children, and balancing fun with the educational side of music - all in a comfortable and enjoyable environment. If you want an example of somebody who is doing what they were put on this Earth to do, participate in one of Miss Candice's classes.


We've really loved all three instructors we've had in class. Gretchen is silly and informative. Elizabeth is kind and comforting, and Candice is so loved by the children and engaging.


 Music Together has been an amazing experience not only for my children but also for me. I have been able to share my love of music with my two boys and see them grow into their own appreciation for music and dance by attending Music Together classes. Miss Candice has a wealth of knowledge about music development in children and how we, as parents, can continue to encourage our children's growth. I recommend Music Together to all parents! 


When we first heard of Music Together my daughter was almost 2. We went to a sample class led by Miss Candice and although she did not participate per say in what was going on she was still watching and taking everything in! This continued in class and that was OK, finally a class where my shy little girl could be herself!! At home and in the car when we played our music CD from class she was singing and doing movements! Now we have moved from the area and my daughter is 4! She still loves her MT CDs and asks to hear them and have "class". To which she now leads and shows other friends what they need to do with the songs! Her confidence when it comes to music comes from Miss Candice and the Music Together program! Thanks for letting her be herself and become comfortable before participating!!


As a first time stay-at-home mom, Music Together filled needs I didn't even know I had! My daughter and I had so much fun at weekly classes and it was amazing to watch all the children change and develop their own experiences with music. She looked forward to the routines and surprises (will we get to use the big drum today?!) and I loved meeting other families with young children and making friendships. The impact on her development is unparalleled and we have so many musical ways to make a positive change in our day when emotions or frustrations mount, or we just need to be quieted and rest. Car rides are never dull or boring! Hearing your child sing songs to themselves is a priceless gift, singing with them is a lasting memory! There is value and joy for the whole family when you participate in Music Together, not just your little one(s)


My daughter has been attending Music Together with Miss Candice since she was 8 weeks old. It is amazing how much influence exposing her to music at such a young has had on her. At only 16 months, she sings along in the car to songs she heard in class when she was merely weeks old!! Candice is an exceptional and engaging leader and we cannot wait for the winter session to begin!


I felt like my kids grew from this class. They learned to interact with others, follow adult directives (from non parent) and engaged with peers.