Music Classes for Babies in Greensburg

Babies are Born Music Makers

We offer two options for babies (under 9 mos.) to attend a Music Together® class:

  • Attend a Mixed Age Class  (alone or attending with an older sibling)
  • Attend Babies Class, an introductory session class designed specifically for parents with infants under nine months.

Music activities designed just for infants 
In a Music Together Babies Class, you and your baby will join with other parents and caregivers and their babies in a cozy, music making circle. Your focus will be on your baby and playing with them musically. 

You and the other adults in the class will: 

  • Sing, tap, bounce, & dance with your baby in a nurturing space
  • Explore rhythm sticks, egg shakers, drums, bells & scarves
  • Learn lullabies to soothe your baby and upbeat songs for playtime.
  • Learn how music development happens in your child, and how infants make music themselves. 
  • Learn how you can support your baby's musical growth at home.

    Class Schedule Start Date Duration Teacher

    Babies Only Workshop (0-8 mos) Saturday
    9:15 AM - 10:00 AM
    07/27/19 2 weeks Candice Wansor Register